For class: some Sibelius Shortcuts

We’ll be brushing up a score today (for actual publication on the web!). Here’s a suggested order and some specific keyboard shortcuts:

1. Check Score Info (under file menu).
2. Proof notes and rests, also make sure that ties are not slurs (hear an extra note).
3. Adjust Staff Size (Document Setup, under Layout menu or ⌘D).
Adjust System and stave spacing (under Engraving Rules within the House Styles menu, or ⇧⌘E).
4. Adjust line breaks (Enter on keypad).
5. Adjust vertical lyrics placement (Select a word in the line, then ⇧⌘A, or Select More under Submenu of Edit menu).
6. Adjust horizontal placement of individual words or syllables (select word, then use arrows from the inverted-T arrow menu).

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