Checking in on your PD project

Your final day to work on your Public Domain notation project will be Tuesday, October 16. We will talk about alternate output formats (XML, MIDI, pdf, etc.) as we get closer.

If you finish early, you have many options:
1. Help someone else out on their project.
2. Work on another piece.
3. Edit or check another finished piece.
4. Arrange or play with your finished piece.

For now, please take a moment to comment on your progress. How are things coming? Do you think you’ll finish on time? Would you like help? Please comment and we’ll read the posts on Thursday.

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33 Comments on “Checking in on your PD project”

  1. jmrush2 Says:

    Everything’s fine. Actually, all the notes have already been inputted. Now I need to go back and add all the expressions, barlines, repeats, articulations, etc. I should be done next week. Then I’m thinking about doing a little arrangement.

  2. vabaker2 Says:

    Things have gotten interesting…once we figure out the key of our piece I think we should be good to go…hmmm
    No, we will not get the whole piece notated with only class time…

    To get what we can is the goal.

    Help would be excellent. .

  3. rmelend2 Says:

    things are going well. so far, we haven’t had any major problems inputing the score. i think we’ll have no problem finishing on time. i think all that needs to be done is adding expressions and such. we might be doing a third piece since we’ll have the extra time.

  4. S_Murray Says:

    Yeah, everything is peachy!!!

    Right now I’m in the editing stage, fixing alignment and adding expressions etc. etc….

  5. Lauren V. Says:

    The project is going well. We will definetly finish on time and are adding a thrid piece to fill our time. It is just a matter of adding a few minor details and finishing touches to the format.

  6. cjensen2 Says:

    Yes, I will be done on time.

  7. Jacob Gross Says:

    I just need to finish inputing the lyrics and making sure they line up with the note correctly. I believe I will be done early so I may find another short song from the Father Kemp songbook, or arrange the finished piece for a different ensemble. Also, before we started this we were “checking” rescued works,. I didn’t finish that because I picked a fairly large one. Is that supposed to be done at a certain time, or at all?

  8. geigegirl Says:

    My project is taking longer than I thought. The problem with having to fix the sound on my computer each session is frustrating. I’m a little behind on imputting everything…I need to remember all the shotcuts we’re using!

  9. vabaker2 Says:

    ok trying again…
    After class today things are fine. My group will finish what we can and hopefully it will all sound correct. Help would be nice because we could get more of the score notated!!!!
    Best of Luck

  10. bhillho2 Says:

    just making the final touchups

  11. kellyfitz Says:

    I have finished inputting the choral parts and have finished putting in the bass line for the piano. I still need to input the top line for piano and the words for the choral piece.
    I love being able to input things on a piano keyboard: it makes life SO much easier.

  12. meghann_c Says:

    nearly finished, just a couple of things left to do, then I’ll probably help someone else finish theirs

  13. Leslie Goldberg Says:

    I just have to finish inputting the text and then combine my third of the piece with my partners.

  14. reclark3 Says:

    about a third done. I will probably need all of the time we are allowed.

  15. sara_m Says:

    We’re doing swell! After figuring out our key signature/transposition issues, we’ve decided to keep putting in the notes and copying it exactly like our hard copy of the score. After we each put in our page exactly like the score, we’re going to try to figure out how to change it to make it sound correct on the Sibelius playback.

  16. Rebecca Ryan Says:

    i should be done on time; i have all the parts notated, and I am currently working on adding in articulations.

  17. zgeller2 Says:

    things are going fine. I am working with Nick Loafman. We should be done on time but it might take some outside work. I am learning a lot about sibelius.

  18. Nick L Says:

    Once we figured out the transposition of the score we got going. Progress is slow for me right now as I am trying to learn the shortcuts. It is starting to go faster the more I learn. The biggest frustration I have is remembering which functions are toggled on and off automatically, and which stay on.

  19. jimmcguire Says:

    I am entering in the last quarter of the piece, then adding the markings and lyrics. I should definitely be done on time, and hopefully with plenty of time to spare so that I can work with someone else on a lengthy project that needs assistance.

  20. dmig2000 Says:

    Everything is going well. The only problem I’ve really run into was my text was disappearing when I put it in, but I think I’ve solved that problem now.

  21. thomas22 Says:

    Things are going well, and when I run into a wall, I just ask an instructor. I feel like that’s helpful for Prof. T and Adam, because they’d just walk around looking uncomfortable if they didn’t have something to do.

  22. pianostars10487 Says:

    I’m definitely learning a lot along the way. The piece I’m working on is a vocal piece. It has a lot of detail, which seems to be taking more time than inputing the notes. I’m making good progress I think though.

  23. sgritz2 Says:

    Well, as far as working with sibelius, i’m not having many problems. I’m fine with putting in the notes and adding all the extra stuff. The biggest problem as you’re aware of is our score, as we don’t know if it’s transposed or not. But, at least if we have to transpose it, we’ll know afterwards how to do it!

  24. mraczki2 Says:

    I’m almost half way done with everything. Some weird things keep happening. I put in a new note in one bar and then all of a sudden it takes me to another bar. Then other times, I’ll put in a note and then more notes will be added to other measures. Also, my slurs keep changing and shrinking every time I move on to another bar. I just go back and fix it, it’s just weird.

  25. Nina E. Says:

    everything has been going well after i figured out how to change the voicing. i’m about 1/3 done. erica is almost done with our first piece so next week with more help we should be able to finish.

  26. CarmC Says:

    Overall the project is going well I am just getting used to inputting notes, I usually use finally, but I am now a big fan of the big S! The problems I am having are with the rests when going from measure to measure with the keyboard it keeps changing note value, the actually key of my peice, and beaming in the harp.

  27. Jessica C Says:

    So far the project is going well. I have worked with Sibelius before but now I am learning even more shortcuts with it. I will probably get it finished right in time.

  28. Matt O Says:

    I’ve been getting used to transfering between finali and sibeleius and getting used to the new way of inputting notation and manipulating it. I am still at the very beging of the transcription process since it took a while to get ahold of my peice and I spen a fair amount of time exploring the ins and outs of writting for transposing instruments etc.

  29. mladror2 Says:

    I’m learning a lot about Sibelius, and I don’t think I’ll have many more questions. I might need help though. But I’d be really grateful if someone could double check my work by re-positioning dynamics or 8va lines and whatnot, so everything is legible. I think I can get the rest of the notes in before the due date.

  30. Erica C Says:

    Technology doesn’t seem to like me, as I’ve had a lot of trouble using Sibelius. This is my first time using both Sibelius and Finale and I’m sure it’s going to take a lot of practice and paitence in order to have everything run smoothly. For now, I think I’m doing ok in terms of time. I have been coming in outside of class to work on it because i worry that I will run out of time. From time-to-time, it is very frustrating especially for first-time users of the program.

  31. danmorrison Says:

    Me and Brendan are almost done with our project. We are just finishing up with some articulations and things of that sort.

  32. marielemke Says:

    My peoject is going really well. I just have to add the lyrics and some dynamics and extra things in the music. This might take me a while though since I am not experienced with sibelius or computers in general.

  33. jlaw2 Says:

    we’re almost done with our piece, so i will be free to help with sibelius needs

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