Quick Bytes [This is what happens]

Here’s a cryptic quote. To find out what “this” is, check this link. Please read and comment (do you think this is good or bad for consumers/artists/labels).

This is what happens when you sell twenty dollar CDs with one good track and sue your customers for [file-sharing]. This is what happens when you believe you’re ENTITLED to your business. This is what happens when music is a second-class citizen only interested in the bottom line.

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30 Comments on “Quick Bytes [This is what happens]”

  1. geigegirl Says:

    This is really interesting. It seems like this is a good situation for both consumers and artists. The artists will at least get some profit, rather than losing out from so many people downloading the music for free, and the consumers get to hear wonderful music for whatever they think it is worth. Radiohead seems to be taking the stress of piracy issues out of their part of music industry and instead is making music an art form available for everyone to enjoy.
    The record labels may not like this much, as it was stated that now they are being left out of gaining profits.
    But overall, this seems a wonderful advancement in the music world.

  2. bhillho2 Says:

    I love the idea. I think it will influence other groups to do the same as well as influence the future of the music industry. Also, it brings up newer jobs with future networking companies because they will most likely be hired to host the data an make a small coin off of the deal also. I’m looking forward to seeing more talk on the subject as time goes on.

  3. Jacob Gross Says:

    I think it’s a interesting marketing scheme. The group seems to be counting on previous earnings, or enough purchases of the expenses two disc/vinyl package. This also creates a large splash in terms of press covereage, or at least word of mouth. By any means, word of this decision, and of the band’s existence and music is spreading.

  4. Josh Sove Says:

    This is a pretty crazy idea. If nothing else. it should make some interesting information in the end. I’m sure a lot of people will be skeptical. And I don’t think this will stop pirates, even though it can be so cheap. If nothing else, people will pirate it to prove they can.

  5. cjensen2 Says:

    I think its a great idea. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. If it works then its could totally change the way the music industry works. Innovative.

  6. dmig2000 Says:

    This is definitely a very bold move on their part. There’s a chance that they won’t make any money on the CD. However, there’s also that possibility that enough people will buy it instead of pirate the CD and the increase in sales will be enough to make them money. I think it’s a great idea simply because I think music is way to expensive right now.

  7. Matt O Says:

    I think the idea is interesting, I suppose requiring that you pay something helps to make it a more useful way to test what people think is a fair price. It will be interesting to see what the value of demand is when there is virtually no influence from the supply side.

  8. zgeller2 Says:

    while there are benefits to this new wave thinking, there are also drawbacks. If everyone decides that they don’t want to spend any money on the cd then radiohead could potentialy not make any money. While this is a possibility, i think there are an overwhelming amount of positives. By allowing the buyer to choose a price, more people will be inclined to pay what they think is fair and will therefore gain more enjoyment out of the product. Also their music will spread throughout the music community very quickly because more people will be inclined to “buy” the cd, even if it is for a price of $0. at the same time, there might be that benefactor that enjoys their music so much that they are willing to pay over the price of a normal cd and give the band extra money. I think the idea is brilliant and i am curious to see how it works out and how it will effect the music community because it no doubt will.

  9. thomas22 Says:

    It seems like the best part of this is not what Radiohead has done so much as what it could accomplish. This could make it possible for an wide array of artists to get their music out and make some money doing it. It’s true, some people might not pay anything, but by putting the responsibility on the consumer, I think it will work out better than people might think. I think people generally respond well to responsibility, and many will respect the artist when actually considering what they are willing to pay. Plus, if you’re already going to have to pay .45 pounds (or whatever), you might as well throw in a couple more…

  10. jimmcguire Says:

    I think that this is a very creative marketing approach towards consumers of radiohead’s music. I would like to revisit this situation in the future and see how the group does in total sales of the album. If it proves to be successful then it would, as others have previously stated, reshape the entire way that the buying of music is commonly handled. I believe that it will certainly minimize the amount of piracy that the group faces, which is clearly the main intention behind this marketing scheme, and will open the door for other artists who are also looking to stop their loss of profit due to expanding piracy.

  11. mraczki2 Says:

    I like the idea that I can choose the price for my music. I bet some people would abuse it and spend as little as possible. I don’t know if I would give an amount close to what you would spend in stores either. Sometimes prices are ridiculous. I’ll probably try it.

  12. jmrush2 Says:

    Great, now I don’t have to steal it…just kidding. By providing music for everyone at a low or no cost, I’m sure many people will listen to it. I personally have never heard of this group until the big news came out that they were giving away music. Now I’m interested in listening to it. If it’s good, I will pay for some of their other stuff. If the same happens with thousands of people throughout the world, this marketing tactic may turn out to be very lucrative!

  13. Lauren V. Says:

    I really like the idea because it gives listeners the chance to hear new music that they may not necessarily want to spend a lot of money on from a store or through ITunes. I think this greatly benefit new bands because they can put their music out there for a reasonable price, make a profit (or break even….but not losing money like with a contract), and expand their audience. I woul dbe more willing to listen to new music/bands if I did not have to spend a $10-$15 for a C.D……we are all college students and money is tight enough as it is.

  14. S_Murray Says:

    I think its totally badass… Radiohead is obviously not in music to make millions but for their enjoyment of performing music.

    The fact of the matter is, even with the minimal shipping charge, Radiohead will still be making money off this album even if people take it for free. The die hard radiohead fans who pay full price for the album are also contributing to the bands monetary success. However, even though record sales are important, they are not the main source of a bands income.

  15. Brendan Frank Says:

    I think that this is definitely a step in the right direction for finding a middle-ground in this p2p vs. the music industry war that is going on. And what a better band to front this new wave of music purchase than RADIOHEAD! Personally, I think that because of the band and the perspective that they’re coming from, this idea is a little radical. What would be be better would be to give a range of prices, excluding zero, that the consumer could choose from (say from $0.50-$100. I still believe that the artist should receive some monetary credit for the time and effort that they put into their new album. However I really believe that this is a great start.

  16. reclark3 Says:

    It is good for everyone:
    Its good for the consumers because Radiohead’s music is more available to the public at a cheaper price. It is good for the artist because their music is more readily available and they are still making somewhat of a profit. Finally, it is good for the label because they will be known for taking risks and trusting their artists. However, it takes an artist like Radiohead to do this sort of thing, not everyone can afford to do it.

  17. meghann_c Says:

    I think it will be really interesting to see how this idea works out. I don’t know if other bands will follow their lead or not…only a band as big as Radiohead could be the first to test this out properly and get so much media coverage for it, and if they don’t make much money off it it’s not going to do them much damage. I think it’s a really clever idea though and could definitely have an impact on the future of the record industry.

  18. sara_m Says:

    I was so surprised to hear that Radiohead was doing this. It is definitely a radical move but I really think it will be something that might catch on with other popular bands. The band’s income for this album will pretty much rely on the heart of its fans. If the fans have a good heart and truly want to support Radiohead, then this will prove to be successful for them. I’m excited to see how it turns out.

  19. vabaker2 Says:

    Most people will take free music. All those free music tuesdays with Itunes, I have so many, do I listen to them? No hardly, they sort of just waste space but add some character to my music files. (?) However with a band like Radiohead that I actually enjoy and have already purchased music from l think I would pay the money for it anyway. Radiohead however unlike most bands can probably almost afford to do something like this. Anyway it is a gamble and i think it will be interesting to see what happens and what the profits will be. For once it isn’t about the money it is about the music.

  20. Leslie Goldberg Says:

    I think that this concept of essentially giving your music away is fantastic. If you can afford it. For a band that is already wildly popular and has more money than they could ever need, this is a great way to get an even larger fanbase because there is nothing fans like more than “sticking it to the man,” if you will. I predict that Radiohead concerts will be more than sold out for a long time because of this.
    I agree with the person writing the article that this is what happens when you overcharge for music. People find ways so that they don’t need you anymore. The argument could be made that musicians will even make more money by publishing their music themselves rather than having the producer take their cut, the publishing company, the store the music is sold at, etc. Especially since many people will pay YOU the $20 for a CD because that is what they are used to having music cost.

  21. kellyfitz Says:

    I think that it is a great idea to let people pick and choose what they listen to. The music is made for the artist and the audience and should not have a middle man. Allowing the music industry to see what the true value of art has become is very valuable information. Radiohead knows their audience and their fans’ perceptions of big business (largely unfavorable). I think that this approach could actually help with pirating and copying/burning CDs because people don’t have to feel as though they are being ripped off. Society, as a whole, is very comfortable with the set prices and fees that the music industry and particularly the record companies set on music. This will allow people to feel a direct part of this interaction and thus more in control. The artist and the audience are in control, as it should be.

  22. Erica C Says:

    I agree that this is a very interesting marketing aspect. It is more interesting to see how much people would pay for their favorite artists music- and most of the time is is going to be less than what you see sold for a CD in the stores. I agree with Kelly when she says that it is up to the audience because the musicians have to accomodate to their listeners and by having them chose what they want to hear, makes it worth every penny.

  23. Rebecca Ryan Says:

    I think this is a great idea. It’s a wonderful experiment to see if people really will still pirate the music even with the option to pay however much they feel the CD is worth, too. I’m a pretty big radiohead fan myself, so this is interesting from a fan’s point of view as well – I’m certain that they will gain quite the fanbase through this little experiment.
    I’m purchasing the CD later tonight, but I wish there were some way to see how many people have downloaded it thus far and just how much they’ve paid. I’m really interested in seeing those results.

  24. rmelend2 Says:

    I think that this is a very interesting way of marketing music. It benefits the customers in that they can pay whatever they believe the music is worth and have the option in choosing which songs they would like to listen to. It also may lessen the risk of people pirating music if they have choices. However, I feel that music artists who are allowing consumers to pay what they want, may hurt their profits. The musicians might recieve an adequate amount of money for the time, money, and work putting into the creation of their CD.

  25. Jessica C Says:

    This is so innovative! I think it’s a very good idea. It’s refreshing to see that a group will try to stay loyal to their fans by following through with this idea. I believe their fans will stay loyal in return. It almost makes me want to buy their CD even though I’m not normally a radiohead fan. This will probably hurt their normal profits but most popular musicians like radiohead have too much money anyways.

  26. danmorrison Says:

    This seems like a really great idea. Radiohead is very well off so obviously if this doesn’t make money for them, it’s not a big deal. On the other hand, it could end up working really well, which would then lead other artists to try this idea and take power away from the record labels. I think if this could eventually happen, the music an artist originally intended to have heard, will be heard. I think a lot more bands and musicians of any kind will have an easier time getting their music out there if they don’t have to rely on being signed and controlled by a record label.

  27. mladror2 Says:

    I don’t think its particularly innovative or unique. The band wants more people to listen to them – what band wouldn’t want more fans? And since they have enough money, they can distribute their music for almost nothing. They don’t lose much money either, because they don’t have to make cds or distribute them. The internet does it all for free.

  28. CarmC Says:

    I think this is a good idea because peoople will be less intriged to steal music. It also can be a way to measure how good or what the value of the songs are. i WONDER HW MUCH MONEY ACTUALLY GOES TO THE BAND. I think this shows that they are doing it for the love of music.

  29. marielemke Says:

    I think that it’s awesome that raidohead is taking this risk. It is such an interesting experiment and I am very happy that it is working out well for them. I am interested to see if other groups follow their lead.

  30. sgritz2 Says:

    First off, I LOVE radiohead. I think it’s a really cool idea. It would be very hard for an up and coming band to do something like this and actually make a lot of money obviously, but for an established band with a strong and loyal following like radiohead has, it’s a great idea. I really hope other bands will start doing the same. I’ve already downloaded it, and I have to say, I’ve never been so excited to pay money for a CD! It’s almost like reverse psychology…when bands want us to pay, we think it’s a ripoff, but the minute we dont HAVE to, we feel more obligated to, almost like a tip in a restaurant.

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