What’s next?

Just to give you a heads up as to what we’ll be covering in the next unit, take a look at the Garageband tutorial on the Apple website. This will give you some helpful tips on how to navigate the program, and some idea as to the possibilities and limitations that Garageband allows. Some questions to consider as we get into Garageband: Is there educational value to this program? Are there potential problems with using it in a music classroom? What types of activities should students experience with this type of software?

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One Comment on “What’s next?”

  1. Brendan Frank Says:

    Very cool idea for Nine Inch Nails. I spent all hour checking out some of those Garage Band cuts and I think it’s really interesting how some of those songs are compiled. Especially for a band of NIN’s caliber and style, some of those industrial-rock drum tracks and effects are very obscure. They use weird effects like vocoders, layered guitar and vocal tracks, and a plugin called a “reaktor.” Overall, I think this could be a very unique (and free!) insight for aspiring music producers/composers to see how modern rock songs are put together, solely using a computer.

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