Quick Bytes: iPods in Classrooms

This article [NYTimes] talks about experimental uses of iPods as educational technology (but not in music classes). As always, there’s a sense of hope that is likely overblown, but it is still an interesting read. Here’s a quote from about halfway through that I think is likely a good assignment:

Ms. Poli scoured the music charts for songs that appealed to students, compiling an eclectic mix of tunes by Shania Twain, Barry White, U2 and the Black Eyed Peas. She downloaded their songs to the iPods and typed out the lyrics. Then she deleted all the nouns — and in turn, the verbs and adjectives — forcing the students to fill in the missing words and learn their meaning.

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One Comment on “Quick Bytes: iPods in Classrooms”

  1. S_Murray Says:

    Even though this is a sound idea, I do not feel it is a proper alternative for a teacher, a text book, and a workbook, nor is it the greatest tool to use. The best way to learn a new language is to actively participate in it(this involves dialogue and practice, as well as cultural knowledge), not just singing along to popular American radio hits.

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