Quick Bytes: how much for that Radiohead download?

Apparently, $8 on average… [NYTimes]

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2 Comments on “Quick Bytes: how much for that Radiohead download?”

  1. thomas22 Says:

    I think it’s interesting how Eduardo (the author) said people who opt to pay a little or a lot feel like they have to rationalize it — he justifies not paying for the Radiohead album by saying his friends say it’s ok.

  2. Nina E. Says:

    There will always be people who will find the cheapest way to get what they desire. The people who downloaded “In Rainbows” for free off the website, are more than likely to have attained the album in other ways illegally regardless.
    I find this to be a very interesting idea that Radiohead is testing and puts into question how much is an individual willing to pay for an album.

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