Quick Bytes: two amazing articles

There are two articles that were published this week in the New Yorker, and I’m right on the edge of making them required reading, except that that would take the fun out of them…

Sasha Frere-Jones talks about miscegenation in music in his article “A Paler Shade of White“. In this fascinating piece, he talks about how rock ‘n roll, which began as a mix of white and black influences, has split off in the present era into black hip-hop and white indie rock. It is a fascinating idea, and not only is the article freely available, but the New Yorker Out Loud feature has an interview/commentary that is freely downloadable. This is the kind of article I would have brought in and summarized for discussion with my students when I was teaching general music at the high school level, and, just as I mentioned when I presented his work earlier, I think that Sasha is one of the outstanding writers about popular music today.

On the other end of the spectrum, Alex Ross has a great article (“The Well-Tempered Web”) on the positive impact that the Internet has had upon classical music. He talks about how blogs and other media have allowed small groups of passionate fans to express their ideas in ways that the larger market would be an interested in doing. It is a fascinating article, and he includes many great references that teachers and educators would enjoy.

Like I said, enjoy!


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