Prepare to Share

This Thursday, we will have an opportunity to burn a CD of all the work from the class. This will include all of the handouts I have given, an archive of the blog (minus the comments), and any work of your own that you don’t mind sharing.

In order to share your work two things need to happen:
1. You need to decide what sort of license or copyright applies to your work.
2. You need to place the files into the classes directory, in the “Course CD” directory.

Three license options are available:
1. Plain old copyright. In other words, you are allowing your work to be distributed on this CD, but you retain all the copyright for your work. Others do not have permission to do anything (used it in a course, use it with students, etc. without your permission). This is the most restrictive option.
2. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. This allows people to use your work as long as they give you permission and don’t make money off of it. They can also change and modify your work, as long as they continue to share it under the same license.
3. Public domain. This would include scans, your public domain project, or anything else that you do not wish to put any restrictions upon. This folder is a free for all.

From a logistics standpoint, if you work with a partner, you should both agree upon a license, or else choose the most restrictive version (if one partner wants public domain and the other wants copyright, go with copyright). All of the contributing authors for any project need to also sign a release form in class today or by Thursday’s class.

Bring a CD on Thursday, or you can purchase a blank CD and envelope for $.50 from Matt in class. We will burn the CDs and otherwise celebrate our work during class from 2-4 p.m. and you are encouraged to come from the whole time.

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