Readings/Watchings for next Tuesday: Lessig and Sibelius

Lawrence Lessig’s Free Culture

One aspect of music education and culture today that does not receive enough attention is intellectual property. Broadly speaking, I believ that there are nearly insurmountable tensions between intellectual property/content holders, and educators.

To begin our work in this area, you have a big reading assignment for Tuesday. Luckily, what you will read is by one of the deepest thinkers and best writers in this space. Lawrence Lessig is a lawyer and law professor, and also a great writer on the intersection of law and technology. He is also one of the creators of the Creative Commons, which we’ll talk about more in the future.

For now, we begin with parts of one of his best books, Free Culture. This book is freely available as a download (or you can buy a hard copy):

Here’s your assignment (read for Tuesday):
“Piracy” (page 15 through 21)
Chapters 1, 4, and 5

 Sibelius Tutorial Videos

‘Reading’ isn’t exactly the right term, but to prepare for our more in-depth exploration of Sibelius, watch these six short videos before class on Tuesday. You can choose to watch them in the lab, where you’ll have access to the program, or at home (you don’t need to have the program to benefit).

The goal here is for you to become comfortable with, in general, what Sibelius can do. We’ll have three sources for understanding Sibelius (these videos, my presentations, and the complete reference which is built into the program).

Here’s a link to the videos.

We will jump right into notation, and these videos, while perhaps too charming with their accents, will give you a good concept for how Sibelius operates.

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