Gearing Up for GarageBand

Three recent mentions of the program we’re about to dive into that all make the larger point that professional level equipment is now in the hands of amateurs (in the good sense of “amateur” as one who does something out of love and enjoyment):

1. NYTimes article on Erykah Badu, which on page 2 of the online version states:

Her son introduced her to GarageBand, the music-making program for Macs, and she was off. With the laptop, “I could be here, in my own space, with headphones on, and the kids could be doing what they doing, and I’m cooking dinner still, I’m making juices still, and it’s so easy just to sing,” she said. “You got an idea — boom! Idea, boom!”
In about a year she wrote more than 75 songs, many of which she split among the three albums.

2. Apple shares the names of many artists who use GarageBand (mostly to sketch out new tunes, but sometimes to record actual finished songs):

“Anything we’d have to add to this review would come off like corporate spin compared to the words of an unbiased reviewer. So instead, we’d like to take the opportunity to mention a handful of the many famous GarageBand users out there: T-Pain, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Seal, Erykah Badu, Barenaked Ladies, and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, and many others.”


3. Probably the best known user who has released finished recordings straight from GarageBand is T-Pain, who was written about here:

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